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A steam system that has not been maintained for a period of time will have a significant number of failed steam traps. Through our service department, we can provide a Steam Trap Survey for your facility. Using precise, industry standard procedures and state-of-the-art proprietary ultrasonic testing equipment, Blue Energy Technologies surveys identifies and reports all wasteful and expensive steam leaks and faulty steam traps within your plant or facility.

Blue Energy Technologies will evaluate and document each trap station noting the following components:

  • Isolation valves (inlet and outlet)
  • Inlet strainers
  • Blowdown valves on the strainer
  • Outlet check valves (if needed)
  • Trap station bypass
  • Test valves or sight glass flow indicator.

We will tag trap with sequentially numbered stainless steel tag and wire hanger unless the facility has all traps already numbered.

We will document trap location, application, steam pressure, manufacturer, model and technology. Pipe size and trap size, connection type, inlet and outlet temperature and comments about existing installation are also documented.

We will test operational status of trap using ultrasound and temperature differential measurements.

We will provide complete report noting the entire results of survey, including synopsis of results (traps tested, leaking, plugged, not in service, etc.)

This includes the cost of the survey, replacement steam traps for those traps found to be deficient and estimated labor to install the replacement traps. These costs are then compared to the losses associated with the traps found to be failed closed, leaking in multiple stages, or failed open. Trap application problems and specific recommendations for trap and trap station improvements are also included.

A detailed formal report outlining the findings and recommendations, as well as a full inventory of the steam traps is the final delivery of the steam trap survey. We prefer to present the final report in person and it includes all of the items above, along with a formal repair quote in both a paper and electronic format.


For those who desire a turn-key solution, we will make use of our partners to perform steam trap installation performed by fully experienced technicians. By utilizing our experienced specialists you avoid post installation problems. Additionally, experienced installation teams ensure minimized downtime that allows you to maximize your resources by not taking valuable maintenance or operational personnel away from your core operations.

Complimentary consultation with our Steam Trap expert

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